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Elliptical Trainers
  Item Name Model Year  
500Er 2010 Our 500Er Elliptical has been given a 2010 "HEAD OF THE CLASS" award from FitnessProfessorReview.com! This product is all Diamondback! No cheap frame covered in plastics here. We spent years developing this elliptical for the performance minded customer who still wants value. Our exposed frame, cast alloy connection points, ultra thin rear housing design, and overall attention to detail, created a high tech, performance oriented product that will be a welcome addition to any household. Using the industry standard rear drive design, we created a great feeling elliptical that is the most space-efficient in the industry. At just 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, others will scratch their heads and wonder how we fit so much product in such a small space. With a 19" stride and just over 2" between the foot pedals, you will feel the Diamondback quality with every stride.
910Er 2013

You will love the High-Tech display found on the 910Er Rear Drive Elliptical.  Diamondback delivers with a great design that allows you to dock your Apple® iPad, iPhone or iPod.  Compatible with iPad 1st & 2nd generation.

900Er 2010 No cheap frame covered in plastics here. We improved on the 500Er and added additional features to the 900Er for the customer who wants the best of the best. In addition to our exposed frame, cast alloy connection points, ultra thin rear housing design, we increased the stride length to 21", added a width adjustment to the foot pedal for a custom fit, and added a multi-position upper handlebar system which lets you adjust the width of the bar with an easy quick release lever. Using the industry standard rear drive design, we created a great feeling elliptical this is the most space-efficient in the industry. At just 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, others will scratch their heads and wonder how we we fit so much product in such a small space. With a 21" stride and just over 2" between the foot pedals, you will feel the Diamondback quality with every stride.
1250Ef 2009

The absolute hottest Elliptical available. Incorporates adjustable elevation - 10 levels - along with the most sophisticated console created giving you unlimited workout options. Patented front drive motion leaves your knees stress free. Same comfort features as 950Ef. Must be seen and tested to believe.

1190Er 2009

with its 3 angle/position adjustments offers a personalized fit for the most comfortable workout possible. The patented ellipse mechanism provides a long stride and the most natural movement in the industry. Our easy-to-read program console makes you the master of your workout universe with a smooth generator brake and self-powered operation.

1180Er 2009

The 1180Er takes Diamondback's Elliptical expertise to the next level and offers unparalleled quality and value. Completely redesigned, patented rear drive foot path. BodyFit arm adjustment - a first in the Fitness world. New hinged footpads. Loaded with program features.

960Ef 2009

This value and feature-packed elliptical has the same patented Diamondback linkage design as our top-line model, plus the same ultra comfortable handlebars and grips. The console provides 8 data fields and 6 programs with 16 levels of intensity for a fine-tuned workout. 2 heart rate interactive programs work with our standard wireless heart rate receiver to help you reach your peak performance. This mid-line elliptical will make your heart race.

860Er 2009

Get a better grip on your workout reality with our comfortable Kraton rubber grips and foot pads. This sleek elliptical has the same long 21” stride as our top-line and exclusive features like a wireless heart rate monitor, interactive heart rate programs, and endless programs and intensity levels that will challenge and motivate you. The smooth, natural elliptical movement keeps you focused and comfortable. It’s a lot of elliptical at an excellent value.

850Er 2008

Same mechanics as the 1180Er, including the hinged footpad and 21" stride length, plus patented footpath. Smooth and comfortable, the 850's natural stride and comfort touch points make it easy to start and continue your Fitness program.

500Ef 2009

It’s all about an excellent workout at a great value. This sleek model makes a fitness club workout available in the comfort of your home. It has lots of the same bells and whistles like a heart rate monitor, comfort grips and pads and an impressive 24 lb. flywheel for an extra smooth, natural pedaling motion.

460Ef 2008

Our newest addition to our elliptical family has a low step-up, easy-to-use console with comfortable handlebars and grips. This well designed elliptical includes contact hand pulse sensors, 4 data windows + dot matrix, programs for manual, random, interval, hill climb and strength, all with a compact footprint to fit well into your home.

300Ef 2008 One of a kind. Unbeatable value for entry level home use. Manual control, no AC power required. Large, easy to read console. Simple count down calorie, distance and time programs. Perfect for entry level home use.
Recumbent Exercise Bikes
  Item Name Model Year  
900Sr 2010 HEAD OF THE CLASS" Award from Fitness Professor Review and "America's Healthiest Fitness Buys 2009 Award" from Health.com! You have a bad back? Now that's not an exercise! Our step-thru design makes it easy to get and the recumbent position guarantees more comfort for those who can’t tolerate an upright position.
500Sr 2010

"HEAD OF THE CLASS Award" from Fitness Professor Review! You're not in the mood? Now you have no more excuses not to workout! Our Custom Trainer program allows you to target your workout to whatever mood you’re in. Sticking to a fitness routine over time can double its mood boosting power.

1190Sr 2009

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Our top-of-the-line recumbent with step-thru design, adjustable seat and handlebars, this self-powered, high performance machine is the ultimate recumbent.

1000Sr 2009

You’ll feel like you are still sitting in comfort on our extra large ComfortPlus™ seat with lumbar support. Just turn on the television, sit down, and pedal away your pounds.

800Rb 2009

Vastly improved console - clear data windows with more information than before, 2 heart rate control programs, on the fly adjustments, 16 levels of resistance - chest strap included.

1150Rb 2007

Institutional quality for home use price. Features: Hands-free Polar compatible heart-rate receiver, sealed bearing train drive, memorizes and tracks the workouts of two people, aluminum seat rail, super comfortable saddle, oversized pedals and much more!

1190Rb 2007 Adjust your thinking about the comfort of a recumbent. The adjustable seat provides a custom fit while the generator brakes and self-powered operation give you an extra-smooth ride and top performance. The cushiony handlebars next to the easy-read console have a remote resistance control that adds a new dimension to your ride. The 20 levels of resistance supply the challenge, flexibility and motivation you need to succeed.
860Rb 2007

Rock solid construction and a long list of the most sought after features make this model a strong choice. It’s fully adjustable for a custom fit and the excellent lumbar support provides an extremely comfortable ride. The wireless heart rate receiver allows hands free operation while you monitor your pulse and program the easy-read console. The footprint may be small, but the benefits and value are enormous in this mid-line model.

460Rb 2007

Our most affordable recumbent model is packed with the power and the features you need for an efficient, comfortable workout. You get a full 10"; of leg adjustment and the wireless ready console has a standard heart rate receiver. This model is the only one in its class to offer this feature. The high quality sealed bearings provide a smooth and quiet ride, plus the console runs on batteries or an AC adapter. You won't find a better recumbent at this price.

400Rb 2007

The Diamondback Fitness 400 Series recumbent bike was featured In the May 2006 issue of Women's Health, as the best (and only) recumbent in the "Home Body" build-a-home-gym feature in the under $1,000/ "The Professional" category. A top dealer, with over 30 stores located on the East Coast, is quoted as saying, "It also has a heart-rate monitor-a feature that normally shows up only in a higher-priced bike".

Upright Exercise Bikes
  Item Name Model Year  
900Ub 2010 "HEAD OF THE CLASS Award" from Fitness Professor Review! Did you get too hot when you workout indoors? Now you have no more excuses! The 900Ub console has a Dual Smart Fanâ„¢ with multiple speeds. Just select your choice of airflow and you're working out in great comfort.
500Ub 2010 "HEAD OF THE CLASS Award" from Fitness Professor Review! Your knees hurt! You now have no more excuses not to workout! The 500Ub provides a low impact workout that improves muscle structure which offers great support for your knees.
860Ub 2009

Step into a mid-priced upright with most of the features of a top-line bike. Unlike most uprights at this price, we offer a 5-window LED console instead of LCD readouts. We include a contact and wireless heart rate receiver with special interactive programs. And lastly, is our specially designed padded seat that guarantees comfort even for extended workouts. So take a seat and enjoy a great ride at a great price.

800Ub 2009

Great console with clearer data and more info than before. 2 heart rate control programs, on the fly adjustments, 16 levels of resistance, chest strap included.

460Ub 2009

Economy without compromise is what our 460Ub is all about. You’ll enjoy quiet and smooth, maintenance-free operation with our quality sealed bearing design. The console is wireless ready to hook up your chest strap and monitor your cardio advancement. The large LCD display makes it easy to select from the numerous programs and intensity levels that will lead you to a very affordable fitness nirvana.

400Ub 2008

The best entry level value on the market. Heart rate control, non plug in resistance, chest strap compatible, increased resistance, LCD readout and more!

  Item Name Model Year  
1190St 2008

Step up to our top-of-the line stepper which features a generator brake for ultra smooth performance and self-powered generation. The easy-to-read, scrolling console is packed with endless upgraded and interactive programs for the ultimate personalized and heart-smart workout. The long list of features, exceptional quality construction and amazing pricepoint make this one of the industry’s most unbelievable and unbeatable values.

  Item Name Model Year  
750Tm 2009 We have added an orthopedic belt to our top-line treadmill. This orthopedic belt provides an extra layer of cushioning and reduces stress on your joints, while giving you maximum room to reach any stride length and side-to-side comfort. Like our 700Tm, this model includes both a wireless heart rate receiver and contact hand grips.
700Tm 2009 Our top-line treadmill is a winner from start to finish. It’s our only model that includes both a wireless heart rate receiver and contact hand grips. The simple console features scrolling message display, a HR zone indicator and more than 14 different programs, including options that let you adjust the incline to up to 15%.
600Tm 2007 This mid-line treadmill gives you a full lineup of exclusive and sought-after features, like our built-in heart rate receiver to help you get the maximum cardio benefits. Our numeric keypad lets you enter data in a flash, while the 5 window displays let you know everything about your progress, second-by-second.
500Tm 2007 It’s simple, sleek and a powerful tool in your cardio fitness program. It’s the only treadmill in its class to offer comfortable Krayton side rail grips. The low-maintenance cushioned deck with silicone lubricant gives you plenty of room to reach your stride- a full 20“x58”.
400Tm 2007

This treadmills offers a well-rounded workout for the budget-minded with easy-to-read large LED display, a large 20”x58” deck and a 10% incline.

Indoor Cycling Bikes
  Item Name Model Year  
500Ic 2015

Weather isn't an excuse any more. Meet the new Diamondback 500Ic indoor cycle. If you love to ride, but need an “off-season” option, the new Diamondback Fitness 500Ic has what you need.