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All repair parts for Diamondback Fitness 500ER Elliptical

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Diamondback Fitness Part Number 22-09-354 or 21-V6 - Adaptor. The AC Power Adaptor (Output) 9V 1000mA fits Diamondback Fitness bikes and elliptical model numbers 1000U,1000SR,1000R,1000ES, 800UB, 800RB, 850ER, 860RB, 860E, 500SR, 500UB, 500ER, 600EL, 600R, 960EF, 960SR, 700R, 700UB, 700EL, APEXU6, ApexR8 and more.

AC Power Adaptor, 9V 1000mA (part #22-09-354 or 21-V6 - Adaptor)
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Diamondback Repair and Replacement Part Number 22-10-1206. This pair of Foam Grips fits Diamondback Fitness elliptical trainers 500ER, 510ER and more.

Pair of Foam Grips (part #22-10-1206)
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Diamondback repair and replacement part number 22-10-1136. This Power Input Jack Assembly fits Diamondback Fitness elliptical trainer and recumbent exercise bike models 910ER, 910SR, 900ER, 500ER, 510ER, 310SR and more.

Power Input Jack Assembly (part #22-10-1136)