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Diamondback Fitness 910Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer

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910Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer
910Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer
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2014 Best Buy Rated 910ic Indoor Cycle

Our 910Ic Indoor Cycle has been given a "HEAD OF THE CLASS" award for 2014, from Fitness Professor Review!


The 910Ic bright blue and yellow LCD display makes it easy to keep track of your workout with highly visible real-time feedback. A built-in water bottle holder give you easy access during a workout along with a storage compartment for your iPod® or mp3 player.  *Water Bottle is optional

About the Diamondback Fitness 910Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer

The heritage of Diamondback Fitness comes together with the latest in indoor cycling equipment design and technology to bring to you the 910Ic stationary bike, the ultimate inside ride, no helmet required. Built for all indoor/outdoor cycling enthusiasts, the 910Ic cycle trainer gives you the option to get your targeted, specific training done in the comfort of home when the weather turns foul or your studio’s scheduled instructor just isn’t your bag.


Appropriate bike fit is crucial for any upright exercise bike and the 910Ic offers personalized rider adjustment for all critical areas including seat height, saddle for/aft positioning, handlebar height and the all important handlebar fore/aft adjustment.


Dial in you custom fit and climb aboard, feel the smooth roll of the heavy-duty drive train and the 40 lb. flywheel. The inertia gives you that real road feel as you visualize the miles ticking away. Free ride your workout or choose one of the 18 workout programs with the exclusive Diamondback Fitness electronic resistance system, the first upright stationary bike to put 12 presets and 32 levels of computer controlled resistance at your fingertips. The built in wireless heart rate receiver controls the level of resistance based on your training goals.


This one of a kind smart bike will challenge, motivate and improve your training session. The ride computer also provides all the important rider info in real time including ride profile, speed, distance, watts, heart rate, cadence and elapsed time. The components are built for years of service and the durable steel frame has sporty graphics, adjustable stabilizer feet and features a unique mono-wheel integrated in to the front struts for easy bike transport.


There’s no need to train in the rain, let 910Ic upright stationary bike by Diamondback Fitness keep your cardio sharp and fuel your desire to ride the never ending road of healthy living.

Key Features of the 910Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer:


  • 910Ic Console
    Easy to read, bright blue LCD display, numeric keypad offering real-time workout feedback.
  • Complete Rider Fit Adjustability
    Adjustable seat and handlebar height with fore/aft seat and handlebar micro adjust.
  • 32 Levels of Resistance, 18 Workout Programs and 12 Presets
    Multiple workout programs including fitness testing, custom user programs and targeted heart rate training.
  • Integrated heart rate receiver
    Wirelessly receives and displays rider heart rate.
  • Personal Power Generator
    No plug required. Rider generates power needed for systems operation.
  • On-Board Hydration and Accessory Tray
    Includes a water bottle holder with convenient accessory tray to hold items such as energy gels, an iPod or other Mp3 music player.
Space and Weight
Dimensions (assembled)

42"L x 23"W x 46"H

Dimensions (packaged)

45"L x 15"W x 35"H

Product Weight

152 lbs.

User Weight Capacity

325 lbs.

Home Use Warranty

lifetime limited


lifetime limited

Parts & Electronics

3 years


1 year

Wear Items

90 days



Heavier 40-lb. flywheel
Heavier 40-lb. flywheel allows users to build up momentum and recreate the high rpm training techniques used by outdoor cyclists and indoor studio cycling enthusiasts
Adjustability is a key factor in the overall design. Indoor cycles must have up/down and fore/aft adjustments on the seats and handlebars so each user can “set up” the cycle for their specific body size. “Lever” style adjustment handles makes it easier to loosen and tighten critical adjustments
Heavy-duty pedal cranks
Heavy-duty pedal cranks give you the performance needed for high intensity workouts
Training techniques
Training techniques include high rpm speeds while seated, alternating with lower rpm sections and high resistance levels, similar to standing on a road bike when going up steep inclines
Multi-position handlebars
Multi-position handlebars let you use a variety of body positions while training to help work different muscle groups.
Motivation and challenge are key
Motivation and challenge are keys to a successful workout program on an indoor cycle. The 910Ic indoor cycle provides you with preprogrammed riding courses, automatic resistance changes, real-time feedback regarding miles traveled, calories burned, speed and time
Self-generating electronic resistance system
Self-generating electronic resistance system means you can use the 910Ic indoor cycle in your home or out on your back deck or patio
Wireless heart rate controlled resistance
Wireless heart rate controlled resistance allows you to train effectively by staying at your target heart rate throughout the workout program

Computer Controlled Magnetic Resistance

Computer controlled magnetic resistance to automatically simulate studio class workouts or outdoor training with a touch of a button for resistance control.  Just like changing gears on a bike.  No need to spin a knob.

32 levels of resistance
32 levels of resistance insure a smooth resistance transition between program intensity levels
18 workout programs
18 workout programs: 12 preset programs, 4 heart rate controlled programs, manual and custom User settings
Wireless heart rate
Polar compatible wireless heart rate receiver

Built in water bottle cage

Built in water bottle cage and storage compartment

Custom graphics
Custom graphics only available on a Diamondback Fitness product

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Note: “Limited lifetime” refers to warranty coverage of the unit’s expected service life, not to be confused with the lifetime of the purchaser. The expected lifetime of the Diamondback Fitness product is five (5) years from the date of purchase although other factors can extend this period. Support and maintenance of the unit may become difficult or impossible after this period expires.

Authorized service technicians do not reside in all areas of the country. If you live beyond the reasonable service area of a metropolitan area, DiamondBack Fitness may not be able to support the labor portion of the product warranty.

All Diamondback Reconditioned Machines come with a one-year warranty on parts. Labor is not included.

DiamondBack Fitness warrants this unit to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use in the home environment. DiamondBack Fitness’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of any defective part, provided free of charge through an Authorized Service Agent.  This warranty is extended to the original purchaser.  The following conditions apply:

Who is Covered?
The warranty is extended to the individual whose name appears on the Warranty Registration filed with DiamondBack Fitness and may not be transferred to any other individual or legal entity.  In the absence of a valid Warranty Registration, the original sales receipt will serve as satisfactory documentation of the valid warranty status.

To Obtain Service
To obtain service, you must contact your Authorized DiamondBack Fitness Dealer.  Your dealer is also your Authorized Service Agent.  An Authorized Service Agent must diagnose your unit to begin the warranty claim process.

Warranty Registration
Warranty commitments are valid only with a completed Warranty Registration. Registration is available online at www.DiamondBackfitness.com. Alternatively, a warranty card may be mailed to DiamondBack Fitness.

Proof of Purchase
Proof of purchase from a DiamondBack Fitness Authorized Dealer will be required if the warranty card is not registered.

What is Covered? – For Interior Residential Use Only.
Frame - Limited lifetime warranty (covers defects in welds, materials, and workmanship; exclusions apply).
Parts & Electronics - 3 years
Labor - 1 year
Wear Items - 90 days

NOTE: If proof of purchase cannot be confirmed, the Warranty’s coverage period will begin on the date six (6) months after the date of manufacture.

NOTE: Limited lifetime refers to warranty coverage of the unit’s expected service life, not the lifetime of the purchaser. The expected lifetime of this unit is five (5) years from the date of purchase although other factors can extend this period.  Support and maintenance of the unit may become difficult or impossible after this period expires.

Voided Warranty
The warranty does not apply to any failure of the product or its components due to alterations or modifications, misuse and abuse, accidental damage, lack of maintenance or improper assembly.  Improper assembly can be avoided if the unit is assembled by an authorized technician.  Damage due to improper assembly is not covered by the warranty.  Common assembly errors can include damaged wire harnesses, stripped screws and nuts, crank arms or damaged threads. If the serial number has been removed, altered or defaced, the warranty for the affected unit is voided.

Parts & Service
Contact the Authorized DiamondBack Fitness Dealer which originally sold the unit. If you have moved, or the retailer is unavailable, visit the DiamondBack Fitness dealer locator site at www.DiamondBackfitness.com to help locate an alternate Authorized Dealer.

DiamondBack Fitness is not responsible for securing warranty service and/or honoring extended warranties provided by dealers.

NOTE: Authorized service technicians do not reside in all areas of the country. If you live beyond the reasonable service area or metropolitan area, DiamondBack Fitness may not be able to support the labor portion of the product warranty. Travel fees charged by technicians are not covered by the warranty.

Other Exclusions
The warranty for this unit is void if it is placed in commercial or light commercial environments such as health clubs, schools, hotels, condominium common areas, correctional facilities, or any other non-residential setting.  The warranty will not be honored if this unit is employed for commercial or rental purposes. This unit is for indoor use only.

Additional Rights
This Warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, and any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose created hereby, and are limited to the same duration as the express warranty herein.  DiamondBack Fitness shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitations of implied warranties, incidental or consequential, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. Retailers and wholesale outlets for DiamondBack Fitness products are not authorized to modify this warranty in any way. This warranty gives the original owner specific legal rights.  Other additional rights may vary from state to state.