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Elliptical Trainers by Diamondback Fitness and LifeCORE Fitness

October 5, 2012


“Elliptical Machines and Their Purpose”


By:  Garrett W. Reder


Elliptical machines or Elliptical trainers are defined as a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking, jogging, and/or running without the excessive pressure on your joints. 

Not everyone is fit when they start on their journey to get fit.  So, for people who weigh a little more than their bodies are designed to handle, these Elliptical machines are very useful because they allow you to work out, but not have to “bare” your own body weight throughout the entire exercise.  This gives you the ability to work out longer, because your knees and back are not “killing” you , and you burn more calories, which helps you reach your goal. 


Pretty simple, right?  Well there are as many elliptical machines out there today as there are opinions about how to lose weight.  It can be simple if you ask yourself some basic questions and some example questions are:


Who will be using this machine besides yourself?  How tall are you?

What will you be doing while you workout?  ie. Watch TV, Listen to Music, etc.

Where are you placing this machine in your home?


So, let’s explore some simple answers to these questions. 


Who will be using this machine besides yourself?  How tall are you?  If you have more than one person using this Elliptical, then you need to understand that people come in different sizes and shapes and so do these machines.  The thing to consider if you want a shorter stride or a longer stride or something that has an adjustable stride.   If you have someone who is tall, over 6ft, and someone who is on the shorter side, 5ft, then you may want to consider something that accommodates your different heights and stride comforts.  I would consider an elliptical that has an adjustable stride feature like the LifeCORE Fitness VST-V6 or VST-V8.  This Elliptical covers a short stride for a shorter user with the 18 inch adjustment and can also accommodate the taller user with its 26 inch stride setting.   If you are a solo user and you feel you know your stride and you don’t think you need the adjustability, then you should consider a Diamondback Fitness 510Er or 510Ef Elliptical that has a fixed 19 inch stride or a 21 inch stride found on the Diamondback Fitness 910Er or 910Ef, and if you need an even longer stride, try the LifeCORE Fitness VST-V4, which is set at 24 inches!


How long do you plan to make your workout session?  If you plan on working out for 30 minutes, then you may want to consider some “entertainment” features that are available to help ease the time you are spending burning calories.  New technologies available are iPad, iPhone docking stations that allow you to plug in your apple product to your  Elliptical machine, charge it and use apps designed to watch TV, read a book, or monitor your performance.  You can also plug-in your music and play it through the speakers that are mounted to the console.  These are all really cool features to help take your mind off of your workout and really make it an overall enjoyable experience.  Products  which have these features are the 910 series of Elliptical Trainers by Diamondback Fitness. 


Where are you placing this machine in your home?  The common question is ceiling clearance.  If you are placing this machine in any other room other than the basement, you are fine.  If you are placing this elliptical in the basement or another room with traditionally lower ceilings you just need to add about 8 inches to your height to figure out the overall height clearance you will need to exercise.  This is true for most elliptical machines, but is not standard, as other models require a much higher “step-up height” to access the machine.  For the 8 inch step-up height, you should consider the Diamondback Elliptical 510/910 series or the LifeCORE VST Variable Stride Trainers, as they provide a lower step-up height than most elliptical.


If you have any other questions or need help with your buying decisions, please give me a call at 888-815-5559 ext. 4288 or send me an email at

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