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Review: 2011 Fitness Professor Awards - 910Ic


Equipment Review - Cardio : Bikes - Spin - 910lc


Diamondback is well known for their pedal bikes and they continue to apply this knowledge to all of their fitness products. The all new 910 lc offers great spin bike features plus the motivation of computer controlled programs. Fully adjustable, multiple preset and HR programing all in a self powered package - plug-in required! Add in a three year warranty and you have our HEAD OF THE CLASS Winner (Best Spin Bike under $1,000)!



Aesthetics 7.5
Comfort     8.0
Ease of Use     7.5
Ergonomics    7.5
Motivation    9.0
Quality of Construction  7.0
Resistance    8.0
Smoothness    8.5
Versatility    8.0
Warranty     5.5
Total    76.5

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