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Review: 2011 Fitness Professor Awards - 910Ub





Equipment Review - Cardio : Bikes - Upright - 910 Ub


Diamondback is well known for their pedal bikes and they continue to apply this knowledge to all of their fitness products. The updated 910 Ub offers a plush seat, cushioned arm rests, 35 programs plus a tilting console with fan, Apple compatibility and a 3 year warranty! These features help earn the Diamond Back 910 Ub this year's HEAD OF THE CLASS Award (Best Upright Bike under $1,000).


Aesthetics 7.0
Comfort 6.5
Ease of Use 7.0
Ergonomics 7.0
Motivation 7.5
Quality of Const 7.0
Resistance 6.5
Smoothness 6.5
Versatility 7.0
Warranty 6.0

                                        Total 68.0

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