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Review: 2011 Fitness Professor Awards - 510Er


Equipment Review - Cardio : Ellipticals 510 Er


Diamondback is well known for their pedal bikes and they continue to apply this knowledge to all of their fitness products. The 510 Er offers 19 inches of stride, 2” pedal spacing plus a tilting console that features 20 preset programs including HRC, all in a lean, polished, great looking machine. The Diamondback 500Er is a great elliptical and our HEAD OF THE CLASS Winner (Best Ellipticals under $1,500).


Aesthetics 7.0
Comfort 7.0
Ease of Use 7.0
Ergonomics 7.0
Motivation 7.0
Quality of Const 7.0
Resistance 7.5
Smoothness 7.5
Versatility 7.0
Warranty 6.0

                                      Total 70.0


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