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Hi Roger,
25 years ago my husband and I bought our first piece if exercise
equipment. It was a Nordic track. I raced in college and my cousin
helped invent the machine. 

We used it for many years however it had the unfortunate problem of not
allowing hip rotation. We were in search of a new piece of equipment. 
My brother-in-law travels a lot; he had used many different machines and
had done a lot of research. He recommended the diamondback elliptical. 
So we bought ours. 
As you can see from the faded papers we have spent hundreds on our
machine. These are only a few of the recordings! It is our de-stressor!
We value exercise. Our household is very busy- we are two ObGyns and
two children - we made our exercise time a priority.
So when it started to squeak I got on your web site to locate assistance
with repairing our elliptical. I saw the comment section and knew I
needed to put our story in. !  See More

Sandy McFarren
25 yrs of exercise
Diamondback Elliptical

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