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The Diamondback Fitness 1260sr Recumbent Bike is built with comfort and convenience in mind. Ideal for users at all fitness levels, this model is designed to grow with you so you can increase the intensity of your workout as your fitness level improves. At the same time, with the numerous comfort features that are incorporated into the design, you don’t have to worry about creating extra strain or issues for yourself as you work toward achieving your health and fitness goals.

Why Buy a Diamondback Fitness 1260sr Recumbent Bike

The Diamondback Fitness 1260sr Recumbent Bike offers a variety of features that make it a good choice for anyone who is interested in purchasing a recumbent bike. Some of the machine’s key features include:

  • Comfortable Ride: This machine is built with comfort in mind. In addition to featuring front handlebars that allow you easily sit and stand without needing assistance, the zero impact design of this machine offers challenging workouts without creating joint or back pain. As such, it is ideal for rehab training or for anyone who is starting at a low level of fitness. It is also the perfect choice for elderly individuals or anyone else who may suffer from mobility issues. To further ensure user comfort, the machine allows you to make critical adjustments, such as changing the fore and aft saddle position as well as allowing for the adjustment of the toe straps. This machine also features two cup holders with one attached to either side of the seat, providing you with the option to store your water in whichever location is the most convenient and comfortable for you.
  • Variety of Workout Options: Ideal for users of all fitness levels, this machine offers 15 workout programs from which to select. This includes 12 preset programs along with heart-rate-controlled raining, unlimited custom user programs, watt, fitness test and more. Meanwhile, the scrolling message center found on the console helps to guide you through program setup as well as making any necessary adjustments to your levels.
  • Multiple Levels of Resistance: With 32 levels of magnetic resistance, this recumbent bike will grow with you as your fitness level improves. In fact, the smart trainer feature allows it to automatically vary the resistance in order to match the changing intensity levels of your workout program. This allows you to remain focused on your workout without needing to manually change the resistance levels. If you choose to adjust the resistance on your own, however, the machine features a one-click resistance dial that allows you to make your adjustments quickly and easily as needed. The machine also features rear handle bar controls that allow you to adjust resistance levels with the click of a button and without needing to reach for the console.
  • Lightweight and Simple Design: With its light commercial design, this machine is designed to be easily moved where needed while still boasting an impressive user weight capacity. Similarly, the design allows for ease-of-use with its convenient step-through frame. The frame design allows you to get in and out of the seated position without needing to lift your foot over the frame.
  • Connectivity: As would be expected from a newer design boasting a modern aesthetic, this recumbent bike also features the latest in connectivity. With its Polar wireless heart rate receiver, you can easily and conveniently monitor your heart rate throughout the duration of your workout. Additional heart rate sensors can also be found on the handle, offering the ability to monitor your heart rate from any riding position so long as your hands are making contact with the sensors. Similarly, the Bluetooth audio speakers allow you to listen to your personalized playlist as you workout. As a BLE FTMS compatible device, the bike allows you to link to Apple IOS and Android, thereby also enable third party apps such as Rouby, Zwift, Myzone and SPIVI. Meanwhile, the user-friendly LED console is capable of tracking, displaying and saving your workout data. Items that can be tracked with the machine include WATT output, distance, time, RPM, calories, speed, load and heart rate. To help with holding your devide, the machine features a handy table and smart phone holder as well as a built-in USB charger.

Important Specs for the Diamondback Fitness 1260sr Recumbent Bike

The Diamondback Fitness 1260sr Recumbent Bike measures 67 inches long, 30 inches wide and 48 inches tall when fully assembled. While the shipping weight is 161 pounds, the actual weight of the machine is 145 pounds. This particular machine is designed to fit users ranging in size from 5 foot 3 inches to 6 foot 7 inches tall and weighing up to 350 pounds. The fore and aft seat adjustability with this machine is designed to accommodate users of these varying heights.

As is the case with all Diamondback fitness products, this machine comes backed by  generous warranty. This includes a lifetime limited (five-year) warranty on the frame and brake as well as a three-year warranty on the parts and electronics, a one-year warranty on labor and a 90-day warranty on wear items. Wear items include items such as pedal straps, foam grips and foam footpad inserts.

Diamondback Fitness 1260sr Recumbent Bike Summary

This bottom line is that this recumbent bike offers the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Built on a legacy of performance, this model is the latest in a long line of recumbent bikes that have received numerous accolades from leasing consumer magazines. Not only does this machine offer a variety of workout and resistance options, it also puts your comfort at the forefront of its design. In addition to offering a low-impact workout option, all of the “creature comforts” have been considered, too. From the ability to connect with your electronic devices to convenient places to hold your devices and water bottles, all aspects of your workout have been considered with this design.

It is no accident that real consumer reviews have described it as being “a great recumbent bike,” stating that the console is “intuitive and easy to use”. With the quiet design, you can even enjoy watching your favorite shows or listening to music as you workout without interruption.

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