Best Indoor Cycling Bike 2023 Guide

If you want to take advantage of the popular exercise known as spinning, you will want to purchase an indoor cycling bike for your home. In order to achieve the maximum benefit, it's important to find the best indoor cycling bike for you.

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With the help of spinning, you can improve your fitness level in a number of ways. Whether you are a serious cyclist looking to improve your performance or someone who is simply trying to lose a few pounds, the indoor cycling bike can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Using an indoor cycling bike is a great way to burn extra calories. In fact, a moderate one-hour long ride can burn anywhere from 420 to 622 calories for the average user.

Spinning can also help to build both muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Not only can spinning help to improve your heart health, but it can also help to increase your lung capacity.

How to Choose the Best Indoor Cycling Bike

By choosing the right indoor cycling bike to suit your needs, you will be sure to reach the fitness goals that you have set for yourself. Of course, sorting through all of the different brands and models that are available can feel confusing and overwhelming.

Fortunately, all of the legwork can be done online. Not only can you research the features of various indoor cycling bikes online, but you can also purchase the perfect piece of equipment on the internet. To assist with the process of selecting the right indoor cycling bike, keep these things in mind.

1. Workout Programs

Varying your workout routine is one of the keys to reaching your fitness goals. With the right machine, you can select from several different programs that are specifically designed to help you achieve certain results. Look for an indoor cycling bike with multiple preset programs, including heart rate controlled programs that will help you reach and maintain your target heart rate for optimum effect. The ideal indoor cycling bike will also have manual and custom user settings that allow you to create a personalized workout routine.

2. Resistance Levels

To help get the best workout possible, you should select an indoor cycling bike that offers multiple levels of resistance. This way, you can vary your workout to help fend off boredom while also challenging yourself to improve your level of fitness. At a minimum, look for an indoor cycling bike that offers 16 levels of resistance. For even greater results, consider a machine with 32 levels of resistance to ensure a smooth transition between intensity levels.

3. Computer Controlled Magnetic Resistance

To get the same feel as riding a bike, look for an indoor cycling bike that uses computer controlled magnetic resistance. With this type of system, the resistance is set automatically while the computer sets your resistance level consistently. Not only does this take the guesswork out of your workout, but it also gives you the same feel as when changing the gears on a bike without the need to spin a knob. By creating a more realistic riding experience, you are more likely to enjoy your workout. Of course, finding ways to enjoy your workout will help to ensure you stick with your exercise routine for as long as necessary to achieve the results you desire.

4. Heavy-Duty Flywheel

A quality indoor cycling bike will feature a heavy-duty flywheel, which will allow you to build up momentum while recreating the high rpm training techniques used by outdoor cyclists and indoor studio cycling enthusiasts. To get the feel of riding a real road bike, you should look for an indoor cycling bike with a minimum of a 32 pound flywheel. If you want to push yourself to the next level and take your indoor cycling seriously, a 40-pound flywheel is ideal.

5. Multi-Position Handlebars

To help optimize comfort, your indoor cycling bike should feature multi-position handlebars with a soft foam covering. With adjustable handlebars, you can move the handlebars into a position that will help you achieving different body positions. Not only can this help you to create a more comfortable workout, but it also allows you to better target different muscle groups so you can get the best workout possible. Multi-position handlebars are also helpful if you will be sharing the machine with other users, as it allows all users to achieve the right fit.

6. Adjustable Seat

To further create the best cycling experience possible, your indoor cycling bike should have an adjustable seat that allows you to make adjustments to the fore and aft positioning as well as the height. Not only does this help with making your ride more comfortable, but it also makes the bike useful to multiple users of various heights and workout goals.

7. Heart Rate Sensors

Keeping track of your heart rate is one of the keys to monitoring your fitness progress. To ensure you are hitting your target heart rate and getting the most from your workout, you should select an indoor cycle with built-in heart rate monitors. At a minimum, your indoor cycle should have contact heart rate sensors that allow you to check your heart rate. To allow for more flexibility and freedom of movement with continued heart rate feedback, consider an indoor cycle with a wireless heart rate receiver.

8. Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

To ensure your indoor cycle bike lasts for years to come, you should purchase one that is made from a heavy-duty steel frame. This will help to prevent it from bending or flexing after many hours of regular use. After many hours of use, a low-quality indoor cycling bike will begin to bend and otherwise loose its shape and integrity. This can affect your workout while also reducing the life of the equipment.

9. Immediate Feedback

To help monitor your progress as you are working out, it is beneficial to have an easy-to-read console displaying important information. Ideally, your indoor cycling bike should have an LCD screen to ensure it remains bright and clear for many years. Your console should also include information about your heart rate, spped, distance, cadence and elapsed time.

10. Creature Comforts

To help to make your workout more enjoyable, your indoor cycling bike should offer certain creature comforts. One must-have feature is a water bottle cage, which allows you to keep your water nearby and easy to reach. Not only will this help to make you feel more comfortable, but staying hydrated is an essential part of an effective workout. For added convenience, choose a cycling bike with a storage compartment where you can easily store towels, an mp3 player, magazines or other items that you might want within easy reach during your workout.

11. Sales Tax

One of the benefits to purchasing an indoor cycling bike on the Internet is the fact that you might be able to save money by not being charged sales tax. When comparing your options, be sure to consider the final cost of purchasing the indoor cycling bike after any sales taxes are added.

12. Shipping

Another added cost to consider when comparing indoor cycling bikes is the cost of shipping. Some online retailers charge a significant amount of money for shipping. Be sure to consider the cost of shipping when deciding upon the piece of equipment you want to purchase. Ideally, the company you choose should offer free shipping directly to your house.

13. Money-Back Guarantee

Purchasing items online comes with a certain amount of risk. When making such a large investment, you want to be sure your money is protected. To that end, you should select an indoor cycling bike with a money-back guarantee. No matter the reason, you should have the option to return the item for at least 30 days.

14. Warranty

In addition to offering a money-back guarantee, your indoor cycling bike should also be backed by an extensive warranty. At a minimum, a quality indoor cycling bike should be backed by lifetime warranty on the frame and brake as well as a three-year warranty on the parts and electronics coupled with a one-year warranty on labor.

15. Return Policy

When it comes to making returns, your indoor cycling bike should be backed by a company that will provide you with a hassle-free process that makes it easy for you to complete your return. Check with the company to ensure it is pen during regular business hours. This way, if you have a concern or questions, you will have no problems with getting the product returned in a timely manner. A reputable company should also charge no extra fees for your return. The only costs you should expect to pay when making a return are the cost of shipping and any assembly labor charges that you may have elected to purchase with the bike.

Purchasing an indoor cycling bike online offers a number of benefits. Not only can you do the shopping from the comfort of home, but you can also have the equipment delivered directly to you. This convenience allows you to get started with your new workout routine right away. By carefully sorting through your options, you will be sure to be happy with the machine that you select for your home gym.