Fitness Equipment Mat

Fitness Equipment Mat Overview

The Fitness Equipment Floor Mat is perfect for exercise bikes, elliptical, steppers, step aerobics, or stretching. Made of super-tough, odor-free PVC material, our mats have a non-slip surface that is perfect for any workout area.

  • Protects your floors and carpets from the damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment, sweat, and debris.
  • Prolong your equipment's life by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts.
  • Dampens vibrations and muffles noises, so family and neighbors are not disturbed.
  • Cleans easily with a damp cloth.
  • Dimensions for 30" x 60": 2.5' x 5' x 1/4"
  • Dimensions for 36" x 78": 3' x 6'.5" x 1/4"

Fitness Equipment Mat Specifications

30" x 60" 60″L x 30″W x 1/4″H
36" x 78" 78″L x 36″W x 1/4″H

Fitness Equipment Mat Questions and Answers

Q: What products are compatible with the 30" x 60" mat?

The 510ic, 910ic, and 1260sc are compatible with the 30" x 60" mat.

Q: What products are compatible with the 36" x 78" mat?

The 910sr, 1060ef, 1260sr, 1260ub, and 1280ef is compatible with the 36" x 78" mat.

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