Top 3 Ways to Build Endurance on an Indoor Cycle Trainer

Top 3 Ways to Build Endurance on an Indoor Cycle Trainer

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Building your endurance is not just good for your health, but it also increases your overall level of fitness.

By increasing your endurance, you are also increasing the intensity that you can workout for an extended period of time.

Not only can this help to make it easier to perform daily tasks, but it can also increase your overall quality of life.

Of course, building your endurance is also a great way to keep your heart happy and healthy.

If building endurance is one of your fitness goals, you will be happy to know that an indoor cycle trainer can help you achieve that goal.

In order to ensure you reach that goal, however, it is important to keep a few basic tips for building endurance on an exercise bike in mind.

Tip #1: Use Interval Training

Interval training is a process that involves working out at a slower pace for a period of time before increasing the intensity for a brief period of time, after which you return to a slower pace and then repeat the pattern. An example of interval training would involve spending the first 5 minutes pedaling at a warm-up pace before pedaling at your fastest speed for two minutes and then returning to a pace that is slightly above your warm-up pace for 5 minutes before once again increasing your pace. Through interval training, you can reach and maintain your target heart rate while also pushing your heart to effectively recover from a more intense workout.

Tip #2: Increase the Length of the Workout

Rather than focusing on increasing the frequency of your workouts, you should focus on increasing the length of each workout session. If you start off working out for 30 minutes per day for 3 days per week, for example, you will do more to increase your endurance by increasing your workouts to 45 minutes each day rather than increasing the number of days you work out each week. Getting your body accustomed to longer workouts will help to increase your endurance.

Tip #3: Vary the Intensity

If you do not have the time to increase the length of your workouts, consider varying the intensity instead. To increase the intensity, you simply increase the resistance on your exercise bike and then try to complete the same distance that you have been completing in the same amount of time. This will force you to pedal harder, thereby increasing your endurance while also building leg muscle.

If you have been relatively sedentary and you are now ready to work toward increasing your endurance, keep in mind that it is better to start at a slower pace and to only workout a few times per week. For most people, starting out with working out three times per week for 30 minutes at a time is a good starting point. As your body starts to become accustomed to the routine, you can gradually start to add time to your workout while also increasing the intensity.