Top 5 Reasons to Use a Stationary Recumbent Bike

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Stationary Recumbent Bike

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As you explore your exercise bike options, you may be considering purchasing a stationary recumbent bike. While they look quite different from the traditional road bike, they do offer a number of benefits that should be taken into consideration. In fact, here is a look at the top 5 reasons to use a recumbent bike.

Reason #1: Comfort

Perhaps the biggest reason to use a recumbent bike is comfort. Featuring a seat that is more like a chair, recumbent bikes offer superior back support when compared to other types of exercise bikes. These chairs also tend to be padded quite nicely, thereby providing a more comfortable ride. Not only is this good for the elderly or for those who suffer from chronic back pain or other back issues, but it also helps to reduce strain for the average rider. As such, using a recumbent bike may help to encourage you to work out more often or for a longer period of time.

Reason #2: Safety

Since the seat on a recumbent bicycle is lower to the ground with the pedals in front rather than below the rider, they have a lower center of gravity. For those with balance issues, recumbent bicycles offer a safer option than other types of exercise bikes. If an accident does occur, the rider has less distance to fall from a recumbent bike.

Reason #3: Speed

When used on the road, recumbent bikes are generally faster than traditional bikes. In fact, they have broken nearly every human-powered machine speed record there is, though this is not recognized within the cycling community because no official international cycling organization recognizes records broken on bikes other than those with the traditional diamond-shaped frame. Nonetheless, you can experience this same sensation of speed in your home with your indoor version.

Reason #4: Multi-tasking

Due to the design of recumbent bikes, you do not have to hold on to handlebars when you exercise. By keeping your hands free, you can engage in other activities while you get your workout. Play games, get caught up on your knitting, watch your favorite shows or read a book while you get a great workout on your stationary recumbent bike.

Reason #5: Burn Calories

While a recumbent bike will not allow you to achieve the same level of intensity in your workout as you could achieve with an indoor cycle or even an upright bike, a stationary recumbent bike will allow you to burn plenty of calories while also building cardio. If your goal is to simply lose weight, to improve your level of fitness or to increase your cardio endurance, a recumbent bike can help you achieve all three.

The bottom line is that a recumbent bicycle may not be the best choice for the serious biking enthusiast or for more advanced riders who are looking to push themselves to that next level. For the everyday user who simply wants to improve their level of fitness or for those who want to reduce their risk of strain or injury, however, the stationary recumbent bike is an excellent exercise bike.