Diamondback Fitness Reviews

Diamondback Fitness reviews are the easiest ways to verify that were are one of the most trusted names in the home gym industry. Offering a wide range of indoor cycles and ellipticals, all products are backed by extensive warranties and a 30-day warranty. Many of the products offered by Diamondback Fitness have been recognized by industry experts as being among the best available on the market.

With our extensive product line, you are certain to find an option that works for your lifestyle and fitness needs. Among the categories of products available from Diamondback Fitness include ellipticals, recumbent bikes, studio cycles and uprights.

Diamondback Fitness Reviews: Ellipticals

Elliptical trainers offer a unique workout experience that gives you the same benefits of running or walking without the unnecessary strain. As a low-impact workout, an elliptical workout mimics the motions of walking while also giving the arms a workout. By striding along with the pedals as you simultaneously pull on the handles, you enjoy a full-body workout that also targets your cardiovascular system.

We are proud to offer both the Diamondback Fitness 1060ef the Diamondback FItness 1280ef. With its compact footprint combined with its durable frame and numerous creature comforts, this elliptical is a good choice for any home gym where the machine may be used by multiple users.

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    Diamondback Fitness Reviews: Recumbent Bikes

    Recumbent bicycles provide all of the benefits of a standard bicycle while placing less strain on the back and providing a more comfortable workout. Ideal for those with back problems, those going through physical therapy, seniors or anyone else who simply wants to enjoy a more comfortable workout, recumbent bicycles offer the legs an excellent workout while also burning calories and increasing cardiovascular endurance.

    We offer the Diamondback Fitness 910sr and Diamondback Fitness 1260sr recumbent bikes. Both models offer a number of features to help you achieve the best workout possible. Both models offer a number of creature comforts and options for adjusting and customizing the bike for a more comfortable workout, but the 910sr offers advanced technology with its SmartFan cooling system that adjusts with the workout intensity. It also features QuickAdjust toe straps and OneTouch fore and aft seat adjustments. 

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    Diamondback Fitness Reviews: Studio Cycles

    Offering a workout that is similar to riding a road bike, studio cycles have a weighted flywheel that is connected to the pedals in a way that closely resembles a road bike. They also feature direct-contact braking to provide resistance while requiring you to lean forward in an almost crouching position in the same way you would with a road bike. Due to the design of the bike, it can also be ridden from a standing position. These features make studio bikes, which are also referred to as indoor cycles, a popular choice among professionals and bike-riding enthusiasts.

    We also offer several studio cycles including: the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic, Diamondback Fitness 910Ic, and Diamondback Fitness 1260sc. All three models offer a number of options for adjusting the bike to create a more comfortable and effective workout, though the 910Ic boasts the OneTouch fore and aft handlebar adjustment system. Similarly, while the 510Ic offers 16 levels of resistance and 14 workout programs, the 910Ic features 32 levels of resistance and 18 workout programs. The 910Ic also offers the option to utilize the Polar wireless heart rate monitor as it has a built-in wireless heart rate receiver. 

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    Diamondback Fitness Reviews: Upright Bikes

    An upright cycle, also referred to as a stationary bike, allows for fine-tuning adjustments of a number of parameters. As such, they can be used to create an extremely effective custom workout. While they are not designed to mimic a road bike, they do provide an effective workout for the legs and are generally considered to offer a bit more comfort than a studio cycle.

    We are proud to introduce the Diamondback Fitness 1260ub that offers a natural and comfortable riding position combined with a modern aesthetic.